Initially it may be a good idea to just take half a teaspoon per day and monitor for any detox or adverse reaction.  For example … some people have reported a metallic taste coming from older dental fillings.  Others have noticed the need for more sleep (which is actually good  because the body repairs itself while you sleep).

There are several different dosing regimes that people typically follow.

  • A fixed dosage every day .. our suggestion is to take 1 tsp per day and adjust the amount up or down from there
  • Larger initial dosing (to take the individual to a level of saturation) followed by lower weekly maintenance level dosing  .. the regimen mimics the protocol followed in the Batti study
  • Dose cycling .. the theory here is that the mitochondria need a break in order for mitophagy to kill off the weaker cells
  • Mega dosing .. a regime often employed by athletes where a bottle (for example) would be taken prior to an event

The mixture can be taken along with or without food.

The mixture should be taken either 2 hours before or after other medication. The effect of other medications may become enhanced due to C60/olive oils ability to improve body function.

The mixture can be applied topically to reduce joint and muscle pain due to inflammation.  It can also be applied to moisturize skin and reduce wrinkles.  The 1 oz/30 ml bottle size with the eye dropper is ideally suited for this type of application. 

This is an experimental research product and dosage varies widely depending on the condition of the individual.  Feel free to experiment with your dosing requirements.  Learn to listen to your body and monitor/track your response. Most importantly, be patient and realistic with your expectations.