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Nanostructures of hydrated C60 fullerene (C60HyFn) protect rat brain against alcohol impact and attenuate behavioral impairments of alcoholized animals
In this work we for the first time have shown that administration of aqueous solutions of hydrated C60 fullerenes (C60HyFn) with C60 concentration of 30nM as a drinking water during chronic alcoholization of rats
(a) protects the tissues of central nervous system (CNS) from damage caused by oxidative stress with high efficacy
(b) prevents the pathological loss of both astrocytes (the main cells of CNS) and astrocytic marker, glial fibrillary acidic proteins (GFAP)
© due to their adaptogenic effects, C60HyFn significantly improves behavioral response and eliminates emotional deficits induced by chronic alcohol uptake.

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