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Advanced Studies

In the interest of advancing C60 science, we spared no expense to hire the world renown professor Billybob from the Starfleet Academy to conduct these studies.

Study #1 - The Life of (some) Lab Rats

With the doubling of lifespan some rats spent the extra time on the bucky ball court.

Some decided to take up boxing (Santiago is favored to take the round).

Some just hit the gym.

Time to wash up after a good workout (these are lab rats after all).

Miss Olivia pays a visit to the spa before a night at the opera.

This chap loves his spaghetti.

And finally it time for Ethan to get some zzz's.

Study #2 - Preliminary Human Trials

beforec60.jpgMale anatomy, illustration

Some preliminary results from human trials. The pictures illustrate the before condition (left) and the results (right) after taking C60 in oil.

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