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The average person generates 1 to 2 L of gas per day. There are 2 main sources, one being swallowed air and the other being produced by colonic bacteria. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide come from swallowed air and hydrogen and methane are by-products of the breakdown of food residue by good bacteria (probiotics) naturally residing in the colon.

In the previous section (Mechanisms > Oxidant Reduction), research findings suggest that C60 encapsulated hydrogen can lead to the reduction of reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen gas can also act directly as an antioxidant. Ohsawa et al. found that H2 gas selectively reduces hydroxyl radicals but not other types of ROS.

Hydrogen gas and C60 (in oil) can independently or in conjunction provide natural means by which one can reduce the effects of free radicals.


There are several ways in which you can supplement your H2(g) intake.

The dietary fiber found in apples, other fruits, vegetables and whole grains tend to pass through the stomach and small intestine. The fiber is subsequently broken down in the large intestine by probiotic bacteria yielding hydrogen and methane gas.

A number of hydrogen water bottle products capable of boosting the H2(g) content are now available. A quick search of of amazon or ebay will afford numerous options. You may want to review this video before making a purchase. The video claims that many of the products available have a poor element design which leads to the production of chlorine gas and ozone. The chlorine gas component can be avoided by boiling tap water first or using Reverse ozmosis (RO) water or distilled water. If your use RO or distilled water you may want to add a bit of celtic salt. The ozone component is difficult to avoid with the parallel element design and some argue that this gas will simply dissipate before ingestion.

Molecular hydrogen tablets are another commercial product that can enhance hydrogen gas concentration in water. These formulated products are based on Magnesium and one simply adds a tablet to water and drinks it after it dissolves.

There are ionic foot detox products available which claim that they will pull toxins out of your body through your feet by using generated hydrogen. There are a lot of anecdotal claims as to the benefits of these products. One formal research study was unable to prove that there is any net benefit in their use.

If you have the budget (1000 $ or more) you can also buy a hydrogen gas generator. Again, a quick search on Amazon or Ebay will provide you with some purchase options.

Research - Hydrogen Gas

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