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Computer Modeling

A large-scale association study for nano-particle C60 uncovers mechanisms of nano-toxicity disrupting the native conformations

C60 Binds to and Deforms Nucleotides

It is unknown if the assumptions and computer calculations made in these 2 papers are valid and applicable. Some empirical evidence is needed before this work should be given serious consideration. Some YouTube video's and comments on social media channels have incorrectly cited these findings as valid proof of C60 toxicity.

Possible Mechanisms of Fullerene C60 Antioxidant Action

The calculations, analysis and conclusions made in this paper appear consistent with observations made on C60 in olive oil mixtures.

Computer simulation study of fullerene translocation through lipid membranes.

This study models the migration of water base C60 aggregates into lipid cell membranes. It verifies the lipophilic nature of C60 and the disaggregation of particles is of interest. Other than that, the model is not applicable to vegetable oil based C60 solution based delivery.

Penetrating cation/fatty acid anion pair as a mitochondria-targeted protonophore

This modelling done in this study shows how cations can reduce mitochondria lipid layer potential charge potential and the amount of generated reactive oxygen species.

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